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    Latest Catalog Now Available
    To see our full line of available products and their
    specifications, download our PDF catalog.
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    Doors, Mouldings and Stairs
    We have the finishing touch on your interior dreams.
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    Finish Hardware and More
    We have the solutions to your design needs.

Taylor Made Home Solutions (formerly Plywood Inc.) has been serving the Omaha Metropolitan area with high quality building products since 1978. Our large variety of products, personal services to builders, corporations and individuals, and competitive pricing make us the perfect partner to help you complete your project. View our selection of high quality products. There, you can choose from our huge collection of doors, mouldings, stair parts, sheet goods, closet shelving, and finish hardware. Further customize your doors with our selection of handles, locks, frames, and jambs. Whether you want oak, birch, poplar, maple, cherry or another species of wood for your custom mouldings, boards, or doors, we can help you find exactly what you're looking for! Need some custom cutting or machining to match your existing decor? Give us a call, we can help! We offer a wide variety of helpful services to aid your project from start to finish.

A Focus on Quality

Taylor Made Home Solutions is committed to providing high quality products and service. We pride ourselves in offering the best lead times with the ability to integrate into your building schedule. Our design and sales team participate with the customers by taking a comprehensive approach to service through synchronizing our experiences, expertise, and results oriented approach.

An Industry Leader

For over 38 years Taylor Made Home Solutions has specialized in high quality doors, locks, stair parts, mouldings, and columns. Located in Ralston, Nebraska, it primarily serves the greater Omaha area builders, remodelers, and homeowners. Whether you are a homeowner who needs a certain product to enhance your existing home or a large builder looking for turnkey products, we've got you covered.